Google Play pre-paid vouchers now available in India

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    So its finally time Google started respecting India buyers. Last year I struggled a lot to purchase apps via Google play store since almost all ours banks credit and debit cards would not work and neither did India have a prepaid card system.


    Now finally Google Play vouchers can be purchased in India. This cannot be purchased online unfortunately duh, but via select stores.
    The stores are select Vijay Sales and Spice Hotspot shops in these cities
    Delhi NCR,
    & Jaipur.
    So you just have to go there, ask for a Google play voucher and pay in cash or card at the counter. Now stores might also start offering Google Play vouchers on purchases made in their store, some offers etc.
    Now the most important thing to keep in mind is only select Vijay sales outlet will have it and only in the listed cities. Hard luck if you ain't from here.
    Once you get the voucher code just go to to add it your account.
    Now the denominations are 500,1000,1500
    You can read the google blog post here:-
    Check this official voucher site as well:-
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    Your country is progressing so good

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