Google Docs, Sheets and Slides Get Updated with Retrieve Trashed Files Feature

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    Google's Docs, Sheets and Slides applications are some of the most popular for creating and managing files on smartphones. The applications received updates with one very useful feature that makes it easier for users to view and retrieve deleted files.

    Google announced the new update on its blog, mentioning that the new feature makes it easy to retrieve trashed files that users might need and have accidentally or intentionally deleted.

    In order to use the feature, users simply need to select the Trash section from the navigation menu in their Docs, Sheets or Slides app. Users are then given the option to restore or permanently delete the files found in the Trash section.

    The update has been launched to both rapid and scheduled releases, which means that it should be available to users soon, but in some cases, it might take longer than three days to reach them.

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