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    GlassWire Network Security Monitor Pro edition 1.2.73



    Firewalls are an important defense system for computer. Despite this, most firewalls are quite difficult to interpret when it is necessary to understand what is happening and what to do. That's why most firewalls, available today, offer configurations that require attention from the user. The same is true for network monitor, just not commonly used on home PC.

    GlassWire is a Windows program that acts as a network monitor and it makes the information available in an easy way to understand for everyone.
    After the program is installed and launched, you will see that it shows notifications on every new program so you know immediately when a new program tries to establish a connection to an Internet server. These alerts are also listed in the interface of the program itself. Here you can see the date and time of the first network activity, the program name and the server to which it is connected. All alerts can be marked as read so that it is easier to identify new alerts and sort them according to your app or type.

    Additional alerts can be enabled in the program settings, including an option to monitor the Internet connection itself (if it is disconnected and when it is reconnected), another to monitor important network activities while your computer is idle and a third to inform you if your computer exceeds a certain amount of bandwidth in a given period of time.

    All traffic is allowed by default, but you can use the firewall to block any application from accessing the Internet. Here are listed all programs recognized by GlassWire, current connection information, upload and download speeds and a traffic graph.

    All hosts to which the program is linked can be viewed by clicking on the link "More" and GlassWire will display the download and upload speed for each host individually.

    Click the firewall icon for a program locks its connection and prevents it from establishing new ones.

    The two remaining tabs, "Graph" and "Usage", are very interesting and important. "Graph" shows a graph of networking based on the time listed. The information can be filtered according to the app or the traffic and it's easy to distinguish the upload traffic from download traffic in the graph. Clicking on an entry displays programs that are loading or downloading data from the Internet at that time and to which hosts.

    "Usage" finally displays statistics about the use of the Internet. View the total number of incoming and outgoing data, as well as most relevant host lists, app and traffic types. This can be useful in identifying programs that use a lot of bandwidth, or hosts to which you are connecting. A timeline allows you to display information in a specific point in time.

    GlassWire can also monitor remote servers, but you must enable it in settings.
    This software makes it so easy to understand so that you can react by blocking access to Internet within an application.

    Additional features allow you to get an overview of what is happening on the network. It provides important information such as when new programs are connected to the Internet or when using the Internet becomes excessive.

    GlassWire is available in free version and three different paid versions (Basic, Pro, Elite).

    Review :

    Glasswire starts to record the use of the computer network, with a graph in real time.
    It is also possible to make a snapshot (and even share it or save it to disk) the graph by pressing the photo button highlighted below:


    In the tab "Firewall" you can examine all programs and background processes that communicate over a network.
    Under the tab "Usage" we have many details about the receivers of communications online (eg. those who connect to each program) and used protocol.
    There are also real time statistics about the amount of data downloaded and uploaded.
    In the "Alerts" there are messages that notify the user when a program or process has used the Internet.

    GlassWire Firewall functionality is really effective to protect your Internet connection and very easy to use compared to other more complex firewall on the market.
    If we see an entry with not recognizable name, you can check if it is safe or not and then, before you turn it off with the firewall to prevent it from communicating with the outside world.
    By pressing the "GlassWire" button in the upper left accessing options and you can re-enable automatic startup if you want to activate it (recommended) at all times.
    In the options there is a mode called "Incognito", which prevents GlassWire record Internet traffic temporarily and "Snooze", not see notifications for some time.

    Now I'll explain what does the following buttons highlighted in the screenshot below:


    The first button (1) "Hide GlassWire" minimize GlassWire in system tray without closing it but continuing to run in the background.

    The second button (2) "Show Mini Viewer" shows a thumbnail of the main graph.


    Also the main settings window can be opened through this thumbnail, and then another button to close it.

    The third button (3) "Deactivate GlassWire" is pretty clear its function.

    The fourth button (4) "Languages" allows you to select the app language using GlassWire. The available languages are 13, as shown in the following screenshot:


    The fifth button (5) is "Skins" and allows in a simple and intuitive way to select the graphic style for GlassWire, there are many styles and colors available and depending on your skin choice through this setting, even the color of the graph changes.
    Skins available are 12 in total, below a screenshot showing one of the select skin:


    The sixth button (6) is the settings, which allow you to customize GlassWire according to your preferences.

    5.png 6.png 7.png 8.png 9.png

    In the settings there are three tabs: "Client", "Server" and "Security". The first tab contains the settings of the "client side", for example how soon GlassWire "Idle" mode, so should start standby mode. It is also possible to even decide whether to start GlassWire with Windows or you can enable or disable the "tray notifications", another option available is to enable the "administrator password". Through the settings tab "Client" we can also customize a skin (theme) of GlassWire, the transparency of the "Mini Viewer", clear the history, decide whether the "Mini Viewer" must be always on top, or again, which language you want to use.
    In the tab "Remote Server" there is a list of the servers that we can create.

    The second tab of the settings is the "Server", which contains the server's current listening port, options and the range of ports that the server can use. This settings tab also gives us information about the state of the "remote access" and "remote clients".
    The tab "Remote Access" allows us to set permission to "Remote Access" through a password.

    The last tab is "Security", which allows you to manage your preferences about the alerts of the program but also select the types of monitors provided by GlassWire to ensure our safety net.

    The seventh button (7) "Snooze" allows us to disable GlassWire notifications for 24 hours; it is an option that can be useful when you do not wish to be disturbed by alerts while you work.
    You can also re-enable notifications by clicking again on this option.

    The eighth button (8) "Incognito" makes it possible to set so that GlassWire doesn't keep trace anymore of your networking activities in your system; you can disable this option by clicking again on the same button.

    The ninth button (9) "Help" if clicked, it opens GlassWire assistance webpage.

    The tenth button (10) "Forum" when clicked opens in our default browser the official GlassWire Forum which allows to discuss problems, upgrades, new releases, etc.

    The "About" button shows obviously infos about GlassWire and version that you are using; the last button is simply to exit the program.

    About the main interface the subtab "Apps" shows us apps and processes that generate network traffic.


    The "Traffic" tab shows network activity depending on traffic and types of protocols used, so you can see how much you send and receive depending of a protocol.


    The second tab is the "Firewall", which allows us to monitor all applications and processes that can generate network traffic.


    Firewall settings are 3: "Click To Block", which allows you to lock or unlock applications, the second option is "Ask To Connect", which would require the user's decision whether to allow or deny the connection to a particular application or process. The last option is "Block All", which enables you to block all network traffic, useful if you suspect the presence of a malware on your system. Also for each application shows a graph that indicates network activity in real time and connection speed traffic.
    Finally, you can disable the Firewall by clicking on the ON/OFF button on the left top.

    The third tab is "Usage" and shows the usage of the network traffic, "Outgoing" and "Ingoing, network usage statistics can be filtered by specifying "Apps"and "Traffic" through the other two subtabs.

    13.png 14.png 15.png

    In the tab "All" you can see network connected applications, the hosts to which they connect themselves and the type of protocol used. It is possible to filter the information by usage based on time usage, you can select the time sector monitor (Day, Week, Month, Year).
    The amount of data traffic is shown in a clear way and there is also the quantity of external and local usage. The local usage is basically the data traffic that's in computers that communicate in the same LAN.
    We can view the usage according to the ingoing/outgoing or only the ingoing or outgoing only or external only or internal only.


    The fourth tab is the "Network", which shows all devices currently connected to our network (LAN or Wi-Fi), you can see the constructor, the IP address and MAC address of internet-connected devices. It is also possible to sort the devices depending on the IP address, MAC, or by the constructor or according to the first detection.


    The last tab is "Alerts", showing us notifications that GlassWire reports to warn us of the activities that happen in our network. Under the main tab there are three subtabs ("Date", "Apps", "Type") that allow us to sort the alerts depending on the apps, the kinds of alerts and depending on when they occurred.
    Alerts colour show if they themselves were already read or not, this feature can be useful because you can immediately see the alerts/notifications that have not yet been read and that require our attention.

    There is also the button "Mark all as read" to mark all alerts as "read"; in my test there are several alerts: "First network activity" that is present when a new application is attempting to establish an internet connection (they are very common, for example when an application you just installed checks for updates generates an alert of this type).

    19.png 20.png

    Another alert in my test is "Camera and mic monitor" which means that any application that accesses the microphone or webcam GlassWire will notify the event: very useful against some types of ransomware and RAT.


    The Elite version has these differences from the Basic/Pro:

    • Number of PCs (10)
    • Unlimited graph history statistics
    • Unlimited remote connections (manage and monitor more servers simultaneously).

    Useful links:

    Thanks to all :)

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    A detailed, well written and eye-catching review :) Thank you for sharing @revC0de :)
    I came across this soft in the Qihoo 360 Total Security time, they offer a link to the free version, find it in tools as "Firewall". I really love the fancy and still very usable UI. Just before I won an EIS license, I thought about buying that soft to combine it with some AV without own firewall.
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  4. dinosaur07

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    Thanks for the awesome review. I'm a licensed PRO user of this software and as far as i can tell is a superb and effective piece of software.
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    OMG that is one AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Software Review [​IMG]

    I can't wait to send your link to the dev for them to go HOLY SHIT BATMAN that is an extraordinary review
    to one we cannot fathom any other GlassWire review :read: ever coming close to in comparison..

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    emailed to me a few hours ago .. from
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    That is great that they are pleased with the Review!! :) :wide:

    @revC0de, excellent work!! :glad: :joy::shake:
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    Well explained and good review for an awesome product! Thanks @revC0de keep up the good work! :)
  9. revC0de

    revC0de MTAC Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks guys for the positive feedback and thanks to GlassWire devs for the great appreciation of my review! :)

    I have reviewed with pleasure GlassWire because it is a great software, very stable, reliable, powerful and with an awesome UI!!

    Thanks so much to everyone!! :joy:
  10. Overkill

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    Does this use windows firewall or is it a separate firewall and what's the ram usage?
  11. Akshay Kumar

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    Thanks for the awesome review.
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  12. revC0de

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    Quote from official site:
    It’s not just a firewall, but a full intrusion detection system.

    Here the RAM usage on my Windows 10 x64:

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    I would like to see GW act like Windows10Firewall Control or TinyWall, block all and then ask for every program.
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    Hi revC0de :) Thanks for the review accommodation! You did great :)
    Even the dev loved it! That's a clap!
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  15. revC0de

    revC0de MTAC Moderator Staff Member

    All traffic is allowed by default, but you can use the firewall option to block any application from having access to the Internet connection.
    GlassWire paid version offers the feature "ask to connect": refuse new network connections until you're asked to approve or deny the connection by GlassWire.


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    I know that, just would be nice to have that in free version...i'm looking that from security point of view.
  17. jasonX

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    Maybe a comparison of Windows 10 Firewall Control, TinyWall and Glasswire Firewall can suffice here in the future :)
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    In order to use the firewall features you have to enable Windows Firewall. If you have installed and use 3rd party firewall, all the firewall features are disabled. You are asked to enable the windows firewall in order to fully operate. !!
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  19. revC0de

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    Firewall function of Glasswire is very effective to protect your internet connection and much easier to use than other more complex firewalls, but we do not forget that GW is specifically a Network Security Monitor and, among many features, it is very interesting the possibility to see, in particular, the geographic location of the server connection, more other info, useful to investigate whether it was necessary or just for curiosity.:cool:
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    This is so true, Glasswire is not a firewall but a Network Monitor software. Good point.

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