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    This is to Inform the Members of the new Giveaway Rules which exists on out Forum with Effect from March 01, 2013.
    1. All members including those from the giveaway group are only allowed to post unlimited external giveaways ie only those which can be accessed by all members.
    2. If you decide to post some external giveaways please make sure that the site does not require registration to participate in them.
    3. Hence forth all giveaways will be moderated on a case by case basis. The thread once you post will not show up. Instead it will go for moderation.
    4. TipRadar, SharewareOnSale, Windows deal and AppFound Giveaways are not allowed, user posting them will get warned or in severe cases even BANNED
    5. Members who PM 'Send me the key' or something similarly rude when claiming their software wins from Tweakbytes Official Giveaway contests will simply be ignored and their win will be forefeited, no excuses. A simple please and thank you go a long way..
    6. The use of VPN's or Proxies for entering Tweakbytes Official Giveaways is forbidden and any member caught out will be BANNED from entering future giveaways.. no excuses
    Please do not abuse our rules.
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