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    Ok so released on December 7th 2012 by the revenge crew the site had GOTD giveaway software offered for downloading without the GOTD registration wrappers. So as you can see unwrappers have been around for some time now..

    GOTD Archives

    The site was unavailable for some time but recently I see that it is up again.

    There are currently 326 pieces of software available, yeah I know some of the software offered here is a little old but here is one I copied to show you what is available and for you to have a little fun with... also brings back a lot of memories of software programs of the past : :D

    Face Off Max

    Haven’t you ever wondered how you would look if you had another body? Wouldn’t it be great to see your face in a celebrity group or on a magazine cover?

    Now Face Off Max enables you to create fun photos to embarrass your coworkers, make yourself look cool and make your friends look like dweebs, all with a few clicks of the mouse. Share the fun with your friends by directly uploading the photos to facebook. Just with a little creativity, your fun can go boundlessly!

    FaceOffMax v3.3.9.2 download link

    you may find a treasure in this vast trove of goodies ;)

    and now the latest new site of GOTD Archives and something that you may find interesting in these latest archives something that you may find interesting of programs of yesterday

    Start Menu 10 Pro v5.5.5 (this latest site has search issues so I suggest you scroll down half way through Archives link on left or browse button manually)

    Start Menu 10 has unique interface solutions: virtual groups and one-click launch. The program shows you a list of recently and most frequently used programs. It provides special features of cognitive perception and visual memory.


    AbstractCurves V1.179 (on page 2)

    AbstractCurves is an image generator which allows you to create stunning wallpapers / backgrounds or posters in any resolution, add effects or logos/watermarks to your photos. AbstractCurves includes a variety of built-in presets, and gives you the ability to create user presets.

    hope you find a treasure :)
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    Thanks, Guardian, for posting this!! :)
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    Really like the new giveaway site. :)
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