GDPR Phishing Scam Targets Apple Accounts, Financial Data

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    A phishing campaign targeting Apple users is attempting to trick victims into updating their profiles under the guise it’s a part of proactive security hardening prepping for the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policies set to go into effect on May 25. The phishing campaign’s objective is to con victims into disclosing Apple account credentials in order to scoop up personal details – including credit card and Apple account information.

    This scam is one of many taking advantage of the impending introduction of EU GDPR policies.

    “On April 30, we detected a new Apple ID phishing scam using a known social engineering tactic —threatening to suspend a service to pressure users into divulging personal details,” wrote Trend Micro researchers in a blog post about the scam last week. “Multisite login details, like an Apple ID and corresponding password, are valuable because they can give an attacker access to all the applications linked to that account.”

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