GandCrab V4 Released With the New .KRAB Extension for Encrypted Files

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    Over the weekend, the GandCrab V4 Ransomware was released with numerous changes. These changes include a different encryption algorithms, a new .KRAB extension, a new ransom note name, and a new TOR payment site.

    Unfortunately, at this time, victims of GandCrab v4 cannot decrypt their files for free. As always if you wish to discuss this ransomware or receive help with it, you can use our GandCrab Help & Support topic.

    According to a malware analyst who goes by the alias Fly, one of the methdos GandCrab v4 is being distributed is through fake software crack sites. The ransomware distributors will hack legitimate sites and setup fake blogs that offer software crack downloads. When a user downloads and runs these cracks, they will install the GandCrab Ransomware onto the computer.

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