[FREE] : O&O SafeErase 11

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    [FREE] : O&O SafeErase 11



    O&O SafeErase 11: Complete privacy protection, now also under Windows 10. O&O SafeErase permanently deletes your confidential files using recognized methods so that a recovery is never possible, not even when using the best file recovery software. It also deletes all internet history so that nobody will be able to detect your Internet traces and your online accounts are protected from data thieves or hackers.

    All files, settings, applications and the operating system are deleted so that a recovery even with the best file recovery software is impossible. You can delete an entire computer including the system partition without boot media. After restarting the system the deletion process begins automatically. Should an SSD not support TRIM, then the data is overwritten with zeros to avoid wear effects.

    In addition to the clear user interface, you can also use the Command Line version of O&O SafeErase. You can use it via the Windows command prompt. It is suitable for the integration into scripts to be executed automatically. Protect yourself by letting O&O SafeErase permanently delete your worn out disks using scientifically recognized methods. There are a total of six deletion methods available to you, each one offering its own special type of deletion and level of security.

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    Just head-on to the External Giveaway Site above and enter your email. See image below.


    You will be receiving an email to confirm your order. Confirm the link given in the O&O Software email (O&O Software<[email protected]>). After confirmation you will get your license and download via email.

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