Firefox upcoming WebExtension APIs revealed

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    When Mozilla released Firefox 57 back in November 2017, support for the new WebExtensions system for browser extensions was limited.

    Lack of support for certain APIs was a big problem as it meant that some extension developers could not port their extensions to the new extension system at all, had to omit features to do so, or wait for APIs to become available to produce a port.

    The issue would not have been that problematic if Mozilla would not have made the decision to remove the old add-on system in Firefox 57.

    New WebExtension APIs were introduced in newer versions of Firefox and others were improved to include new or missing functionality.

    While it is fair to say that the WebExtensions system willl never support the same capabilities that Firefox's classic add-on system supported, it is clear that Mozilla is making progress and that the new extension system has become more powerful since the release of Firefox 57.

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