Firefox to get option to verify all binaries to protect against compromise

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    Mozilla is working on a new security project for Firefox, called Binary Transparency, currently to allow all Firefox users to verify the binary files of the web browser to ensure that the files are safe and have not been tampered with.

    Firefox is an open source project. This means that anyone may build the browser from source, and even change code before that.

    Most Firefox users however don't do that. They download pre-compiled versions of the web browser that they download from Mozilla's own website, third-party sites, or even -- once installed -- using the automatic update feature of the web browser.

    Binary versions of Firefox don't come with any assurance that they correspond to the Firefox source code of that particular version of the browser. While users could in theory build Firefox from source to compare the downloaded binary version of Firefox with the version compiled from source, it is not really something that is very practical.

    Also, if you have the tools and knowledge to build Firefox from source, there is really no need to download the binary of the browser in first place.

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