Firefox Legacy Add-on removal from Mozilla AMO

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    Mozilla revealed plans today to remove so-called legacy add-ons from the organization's repository site for extensions Mozilla AMO.

    Mozilla AMO hosts legacy add-ons and WebExtensions currently; going forward, Mozilla wants to purge legacy add-ons from the site as those are no longer compatible with any supported version of the Firefox web browser.

    Legacy add-ons is a broad term that refers to extensions, themes, and other content that is no longer supported by recent versions of the Firefox web browser.

    Mozilla switched from the classic add-ons system for Firefox to a system that is based on WebExtensions with the release of Firefox 57.

    Currently, Firefox ESR 52.x is the only supported version of the Firefox web browser that supports legacy add-ons. All other Firefox versions that Mozilla supports, be it Stable, Beta, or Nightly, support only WebExtensions.

    With no supported version of Firefox still supporting legacy add-ons, Mozilla will remove these extensions from the site to streamline it.

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