Firefox, DNS over HTTPS and a controversial Shield Study

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    Mozilla plans to integrate Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) via DNS over HTTPS in a future version of the Firefox browser. Initial functionality lands in Firefox 60 but further improvements will land in future versions such as Firefox 61.

    DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is in draft-status currently. Designed primarily for situations where DNS lookups may fail because of connectivity issues and to prevent interference with DNS operations, it is designed to improve user privacy, security and connection reliability.

    Web browsers like Firefox use the DNS service configured on the system by default which in many cases is operated by the Internet Service Provider. You may change the DNS server to private or public ones to improve performance, security or filter out unwanted web content.

    Windows users may use tools like DNS Switch, DNS Benchmark or DNS Jumper for that, but it is also possible to configure servers manually.

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