Firefox 61 will block FTP subresources

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    Mozilla plans to disable support for FTP subresources (subresource requests) in the stable version of Firefox 61. Firefox 61 will be released on June 26, 2018 to the stable channel according to the Firefox release schedule.

    FTP subresource requests are made on web pages that are loaded in the web browser. This includes requests using script and iframe requests that point to FTP resources.

    HTTP and HTTPS webpages may reference FTP resources just like other HTTP or HTTPS resources may be referenced. The referenced FTP resources may be used to load images from FTP locations or other content.

    Firefox displays a warning in the browser's Developer Tools if webpages attempt to load FTP subresources in an iframe. The warning reads: "Loading FTP subresource within http(s) page not allowed (Blocked loading of FTP URL)".

    The change won't block direct FTP links on webpages and Firefox won't block FTP addresses that users type or paste in the browser's address bar either.

    Mozilla gives several reasons for the change; the most important is that FTP is not a secure protocol and that it should not be used anymore for that purpose because of that. Firefox should display mixed content warnings on HTTPS pages with FTP subresource requests but the same is not true for FTP subresource requests on HTTP pages.

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