Firefox 60: Disable Firefox Sync integration

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    Mozilla added a new customization option to Firefox 60 that gives an option to users of the web browser to disable the browser's Firefox Sync integration.

    Firefox Sync is a data synchronization service that is integrated into the Firefox browser. Users need to sign up for a Firefox Account to use it and may then sync some data with the cloud and other connected devices.

    Sync evolved over the years; it started out as an add-on for the Firefox web browser but was built-in Firefox eventually to reach a larger audience by exposing the feature to all users of the browser.

    Firefox Sync is the primary option to sync data such as passwords, bookmarks or the browsing history across devices. It is great for Firefox users who run the browser on multiple devices and for users who want to back up important data in the cloud.

    Firefox users who don't use Firefox Sync are exposed to it in the browser, however. The main menu lists a Sync option prominently (Sign in to Sync) and the options have an entire section dedicated to synchronization. If you display the menu using the Alt-key, you find Sync listed under Tools as well there.

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