Firefox 59 Will Add a New Privacy Feature That Strips Sensitive Data From URLs

Discussion in 'Tech news' started by silversurfer, Feb 3, 2018.

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    Firefox 59 will strip referrer information from URLs while the user is in Private Browsing mode. The measure is meant to safeguard users from accidental data leaks of sensitive information.

    Referrer information is a crucial part of how the web and browsers work, but not something that a casual, non-technical user would be aware of.

    Referrer info is the information transmitted by a browser when the user clicks on a link. For example, if a user clicks a link for Website 2 on Website 1, the webmaster of Website 2 will know that the new user who landed on his site came from Website 1.

    This happens because HTTP requests come with a field named "Referrer Value" that store the origin of an HTTP request.

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