Firefox 59: Firefox Screenshots gets image editing functionality

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    Mozilla plans to improve the built-in screenshot tool of the Firefox web browser in Firefox 59 Stable by adding image editing functionality to it.

    Screenshot functionality is not entirely new. Mozilla added screen capturing options to Firefox back in 2012 when it added the functionality to the browser's Developer Toolbar.

    The Screenshot tool, however, improved the visibility of the functionality. First launched as the Test Pilot experiment Page Shot and integrated natively in Firefox Nightly in mid 2017, Screenshots was launched officially in Firefox 56 Stable.

    Firefox users may use Screenshots to capture the entire visible area of a web page or a rectangle area of it. Users can save captured screenshots to the local system directly, copy screenshots to the Clipboard of the operating system, or use the integrated upload functionality to store them temporarily on Mozilla servers.

    Firefox 59 unlocks new server-side functionality. Firefox users who upload screenshots to Mozilla's server may notice that Mozilla added image editing functionality to the online part of Screenshots.

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