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    ExtremeCopy Pro is an advanced file copier tool which can copy/move files at a 20% to 120% faster rate than what does Windows Explorer default file copier do.

    ExtremeCopy can replace Windows default file copier automatically, this tool can be used ExtremeCopy for file management as usual and plenty of copy file routine time will be saved. Now it supports 10 different languages to work with.
    ExtremeCopy also supports command line based copy/move tasks for version 1.4.0 or later.


    Faster Copying: This tool auto-optimizes speed and resource based on target machine, thereby making copy/move faster. Especially while copy big files, this copy tool is 20% to 120% faster (as told by them) than Windows Explorer default file copy handler tool.

    Failed File Recovery: It can record failed file in list for recovery after copy finished so that no need to cancel the entire copy task once error encounter.

    Multiple Destination: In only one task, it can copy/move file to multiple destinations.

    Verification: ExtremeCopy can verify destination data by source data after copy task done. [Note: This feature works in copy only, not in move function.]

    Seamless: ExtremeCopy can be integrated into Windows Explorer seamlessly by default once installer and can replace default copy handler.

    Controllable: While copy/move task, it can be pause/resume if required.

    Website and Download:

    Website: www.easersoft.com/
    See here for Comparison between Standard and Pro Version: www.easersoft.com/product.html
    Supported Operation System: XP / 2003 / VISTA / VISTA64 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    Download: For Pro Versions - v2.3.4 32-bit download

    Price - Standard Edition - Free for Non-Commercial Use
    Pro Edition - 30 days trial or $19.95


    The UI is clutter free with simple and sleek look. From here also, source and destination file/folder can be chosen to transfer data.


    The menu pane doesn’t contain much to configure but it is enough for a copy handler.


    The basic configuration related to copy/move handling can be configured directly from main window.

    Now coming to its configuration part, it has one tab containing all the customization available.


    User Interface Style: -There are 2 types of UI, one is Simply (default UI Style) another is Normal.

    Simple UI style- The Simply UI looks clean except several crucial data are shown.


    Normal UI Style– It shows more detailed data about the performed tasks for reference.


    The downward arrow on the left bottom extend the more details about the current or queued task files.


    Explorer integrity:It can be used as default copier with all sorts of commands like CTRL+V/X. But if we always don’t want to use it then uncheck it as default option and on right-click context menu in explorer, select the desired file copier (i.e. ExtremeCopy or Windows Default handler).


    Top Most Window: -Set the main copy window as top most window.

    Minimum to Task Bar Tray: - To change task show in task bar or as tray while main copy window minimum.


    Write Log File: -The task given to ExtremeCopy can be logged in a file.

    Verify Data after Copy Done: -This feature always verify the data copied from source to destination. But verification only apply to copy task but not move task. The time taken to finish the task also increases.

    Close Window after Task Done: -In fact, for some users who need to review all of copy parameters after currently task finished, so they can un-check this option so that copy main windows can stay for while even though task done.

    Auto Check Latest Version: -This make sure that your version of ExtremeCopy is latest by checking for update regularly.

    Play sound after copied: - It notify the users about completion of task by playing a sound.

    Copy Data Buffer Size: -The size for ExtremeCopy to cache data, bigger is better if memory large enough (at least 2GB). But set this value to low if computer memory not enough always.

    If meet ‘same file name’ then: -Choose the desired action from the list along with follow on if attempt fails.

    If ‘ask’ is chosen as action, then following action windows appears:

    If meet ‘error’ then: - Choose the desired action to take if error occurred.


    StartUp Position: - You can customized ExtremeCopy start-up position when a task is started by this tool.


    Multiple File Destination or Task Queue: - One of the most useful feature of this tool is to copy the same file in multiple destination one by one in a queue ensuring better speed for copy.


    Final Verdict: -It is a good tool to copy/move data and have much more features that windows explorer default copy handler don’t have. The free version is enough for regular copy/move and for non-commercial use but it doesn’t have all advanced features which are available in Pro version which make it a powerful tool.
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