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    How it works:
    The Emsisoft Emergency Kit contains a collection of programs that can be used without software installation to scan for malware and clean infected computers.

    Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner
    The Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner includes the powerful Emsisoft Scanner complete with graphical user interface. Scan the infected PC for Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Worms, Dialers, Keyloggers and other malicious programs.

    Emsisoft Commandline Scanner
    This scanner contains the same functionality as the Emergency Kit Scanner but without a graphical user interface. The commandline tool is made for professional users and is perfect for batch jobs.
    To run the Emsisoft Commandline Scanner, perform the following actions:
    - Open a command prompt window (Run: cmd.exe)
    - Switch to the drive of the USB Stick (e.g.: f: ) and then to the folder of the executable files (e.g.: cd run)
    - Run the scanner by typing: a2cmd.exe
    Next you will see a help page describing all available parameters.
    The following parameter is an example of scanning drive c:\ with Memory, Traces (Registry) and Cookie scan enabled, and archive support active. Detected Malware is moved to quarantine.
    a2cmd.exe /f="c:\" /m /t /c /a /q="c:\quarantine\"

    Emsisoft HiJackFree
    HiJackFree helps advanced users to detect and remove Malware manually. With HiJackFree you can manage all active processes, services, drivers, autoruns, open ports, hosts file entries and much more, for full control over your system.

    Emsisoft BlitzBlank
    BlitzBlank is a tool for experienced users and all those who must deal with Malware on a daily basis. Malware infections are not always easy to clean up. These days the software pests use clever techniques to protect themselves from being deleted. In more and more cases it is almost impossible to delete a Malware file while Windows is running. BlitzBlank deletes files, registry entries and drivers at boot time before Windows and all other programs are loaded.

    Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit 4.0

    Runs On: Win XP, Vista, 7 & 8
    Released: 11.07.2013

    What's new in Emsisoft Emergency Kit
    July 11th, 2013

    Major update for improved user experience, performance and precision in malware removal:

    · Our emergency package consists of four powerful tools to assist with a wide range of PC problems. Unsurprisingly, this toolkit has become indispensable to system administrators and security go-to people in the course of their daily work. Enhancements to both the cleaning engine (identical to that of Emsisoft Anti-Malware) and the updater, as well as the kit’s brand new self-extracting archive and auto-start functionality after extraction, allow for easier and more efficient usage of this freeware gem.
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    Emsisoft has released their new Emergency Kit on a USB similar to that of Malwarebytes but at a much lower price depending on the amount of PC's you clean.Once again this is geared towards business users or those of us that work on a lot of pc's

    Features the complete dual-scanner technology of Emsisoft Anti-Malware, with 10 million signatures for all types of online threats.
    Thorough quarantine or removal of detected objects with saving of log files.
    Fully portable solution, no installation required. You can make unlimited copies of the stick.
    Automatic scans via Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner or Emsisoft Commandline Scanner for best use in batch files.
    USB stick is self updating with just one click. All software updates included for a year.
    16 GB USB stick, with 15 GB free for backing up the important data of infected machines.
    Proven technology that has already cleaned millions of infections over the last 3 years.
    Custom malware removal help for hard to remove infections.
    Ideal for both small PC repair shops and the helpdesk departments of large companies.
    Full version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware included!

    System requirements
    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012. The latest service packs are required. From Vista and Server 2008 onwards, all features are fully available on x64 systems. Minimum of 1 GB RAM for best performance.

    Annual license fees
    up to 250 PCs per year: US$ 99.-
    up to 500 PCs per year: US$ 169.-
    up to 1000 PCs per year: US$ 289.-
    up to 2000 PCs per year: US$ 499.-
    up to 4000 PCs per year: US$ 859.-
    Licenses for additional machines are available on request.

    Emsisoft Emergency Kit licenses are not tied to the USB stick's hardware. You can make unlimited copies of the stick for simultaneous use within the same company.


    *Limited offer: Get Emsisoft Emergency Kit on a 16GB USB drive and receive Emsisoft Anti-Malware for free!
    Prices start with an annual license fee of US $99, for cleaning of up to 250 computers. For an annual fee of only US $499, you can clean a total of 2000 computers per year (7-8 per day).
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    Haha, they want to shame MBAM for their costly product, but if I am correct Emsisoft's kit existed since long ago. 
    Again lets wait for lyall, to see what decision he makes. Whether he is going to purchase or not. This I feel is a fair enough price.
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    You get 16GB pendrive and sponsor Emsisoft in their future endeavors and also get assured support. Thats the best I can think of.
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    IMHO they should also offer unlimited cleaning @ 299/350$
    It will automatically make it competitive to malwarebytes offer

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    Well I know that for Emsisoft it includes a Full version of EAM and allows you to make unlimited copies of the USB stick.If you were working on multiple PC's in multiple locations,fixing computers in peoples homes I can see how this would be a great tool to have.The cost would be easy to differ in the repair price that you charge.Not to mention the support that can be accessed from Emsisoft.
    If fixing PC's was my business and I had clients and received a lot of service calls I would probably be all over this because in the end it would pay for itself
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    Emsisoft Emergency Kit 9 in a nutshell:
    • A collection of handy virus- and malware-cleaning utilities.
    • Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner + Emsisoft Commandline Scanner + Emsisoft BlitzBlank.
    • The only 100% portable dual-engine emergency scanner around: No installation required, just unpack and run.
    • Based on the award-winning scanning technology of Emsisoft Anti-Malware.
    • Completely free of charge for private use: No hidden fees, no annoying ads, no toolbars, no other crap bundles.
    • A perfect second opinion scanner that complements any existing antivirus software.
    • Privacy conscious: No internet connection required. Not just a cloud scanner, but a full virus/malware cleaning toolkit.
    Best use cases:
    1. Get a second opinion if your computer behaves unexpectedly sluggish, even when there is an antivirus used. Just download and run the emergency scanner.
    2. Help friends with infected computers by cleaning them. Just put the scanner on any USB stick and scan the infected computer offline.
    3. Clean customer computers if you’re a professional helpdesk, PC repair shop or system administrator. Clone an emergency scanner USB stick as often as required.
    New in Emsisoft Emergency Kit 9:
    • Strongly simplified usage thanks to the completely rewritten user interface which is based on the new Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9.
    • Improved malware detection and enhanced removal routines that ensure that cleaned machines always remain useful and are still able to boot.
    • New logs sections to keep a better overview of scans, quarantine actions and online updates.
    • Redesigned licensing system for professional use.
    Unique Emsisoft goodies:
    1. Emsisoft Emergency Kit 9 also includes the Emsisoft Commandline scanner that experts call “one of the most sophisticated command line scanners around”. It makes all features of the Windows scanner available at the command line, perfect for use in automated batch scripts.
    2. Emsisoft BlitzBlank is a little tool that allows you to delete any file or registry key, no matter how well it tries to protect itself against removal.
    Join the beta test!
    While there might be a few minor bugs left in the current build, we feel confident that it already meets most users’ expectations. That’s why we’d like to invite you to try the current beta version and tell us what you think.
    Emsisoft Emergency Kit 9 Beta Download
    Feel free to share your experience – we’re thankful for all user input!
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    Emsisoft has released Emsisoft Emergency Kit 9

    What’s New in Version 9
    Improved usability: The completely revised user interface in version 9 is optimized for Windows 8 and based on Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9. The new design arranges the main functions with corresponding shapes and coloring, making them quickly accessible and easy to understand – especially for users who are facing malware for the very first time.

    Faster scans with better detection: Our dual-scanner strategy has been tried and tested for many years, and it has successfully won countless comparatives and awards from renowned anti-virus test labs, like AV-Comparatives and Virus Bulletin (VB100). The malware scanner has been improved in this newest version and new cleaning routines have been added as well. This ensures that even the latest threats can be safely and thoroughly removed, and that your system will function properly after cleaning. Additionally, we have greatly increased scanning speed.

    Hundreds of detail improvements for a better user experience: It’s the simple things in life that bring us joy. Emsisoft has built a reputation around actively listening and responding to our customers. This approach has allowed us to develop and incorporate hundreds of improvements into this new version of the Emsisoft Emergency Kit, many of which wouldn’t have been possible without customer feedback. For this reason, Emsisoft would like to personally thank each and every one of our countless beta testers for all of their hard work and dedication!

    Advanced Evaluation: The Logs section now provides more insight into a variety of different processes, like scans, quarantines and updates. Logs like these are good for personal reference (if you’re feeling geeky), and they are extremely helpful to our analysts in the event of complications, from advanced malware strains.

    New PRO license: A new licensing model now allows professional use in business applications, like help desks, PC repair services, administrators and all those other pros who clean up after malware every single day.

    Bonus: Emsisoft Commandline Scanner + BlitzBlank
    In addition to the graphical, Windows scanner, Emsisoft Emergency Kit 9 also includes the Emsisoft Commandline Scanner, which allows full control of all features from the command line. Known as one of the most sophisticated command line scanners around, this program is especially appreciated by technicians who integrate it into automated scripts. On top of that, Emsisoft Emergency Kit 9 also comes with Emsisoft BlitzBlank, a small but effective tool for advanced users that can completely remove malware files that actively oppose deletion.
    Download now for free!

    A sophisticated second opinion scanner – free, no risk, no installation necessary, works in combination with other programs – what are you waiting for? Download it here
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    Emsisoft Emergency Kit released. This is maintenance release for improved usability, speed and stability.

    • Several GUI improvements and fixes.
    • Custom scan page now remembers name of settings file that was loaded/saved.
    • Significantly improved scan speed of Commandline Scanner when scanning single files.
    • Improved error handling in Commandline Scanner.
    • Improved startup handling for better usability and stability.
    • Improved visuals in read-only mode.
    • Fixed TempPath-related bug that was leading to ‘Cannot create … ‘stats.ini”.
    • Fixed bug “Cannot focus control”.
    • Fixed a potential crash error when exporting quarantine list.
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    Emsisoft Emergency Kit Beta – with BETA updates enabled:
    • Improved signatures download speed for EEK Pro.
    • Fixed an issue with EEK Pro licensing.
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    Emsisoft Emergency Kit released. This is a minor release that adds improvements in usability, compatibility and stability.
    • Improved: License key validation and mapping.
    • Improved: Automatic update process.
    • Improved: Computer name added to scan log.
    • Improved: A2CMD now processes “/?” and “/help” even if no valid key installed.
    • Improved: A2CMD now processes “/k” and “/u” combination in one commandline.
    • Improved: A2CMD /? wording.
    • Fixed: Various occasional crash bugs.
    • Fixed: Issue with button order.
    • Fixed: Occasional issue with ‘Quarantine selected’ and ‘Delete selected’ buttons.
    Download: http://dl.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftEmergencyKit.exe
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    Encountered that "licensed key mapping" in action earlier as I updated my Windows 7 x64 HDD which housed EAM/EIS :) I just do not understand why if you recover a system image or partition with either EIS/EAM there it is license key validation failed and until I connect and validate the license key via the internet the program sleeps.

    Thanks for the share Petrovic :)
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    A brief rundown of the exciting improvements we’ve made to version 12 of Emsisoft Emergency Kit:

    • Improved Scanning Engine, optimized for detection and removal of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), that represent a major nuisance today.
    • Improved Anti-Malware Network file database lookups to verify scanner alerts and to avoid false positives.
    • Revised Whitelisting feature that allows users to create exclusions of programs and folders, now with flexible wildcard- and environment variables support.
    • Redesigned User Interface and user experience improvements to make it easier to navigate and more convenient to use.
    • Detail improvements and fixes based on community- and tester-feedback, as usual.
    How to test
    You can install version 12 either by selecting the “Beta” update feed in Settings -> Updates
    Please note that the upgrade from version 11 is a 2 step procedure, i.e. you have to perform 2 updates.

    Please note, once your computer upgrades to version 12, you can’t switch back to version 11 anymore. To do that, you’ll need to remove version 12 completely and re-install an older setup package from our website.
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    thanks for the info Petrovic.
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    Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2017.2.0.7222 released.
    • New: Scanner settings screen which acts as a template for on demand scans.
    • New: Environment variables tester in the exclusions screen.
    • Improved: Speed of scans.
    • Improved PUP detection in installers.
    • Improved: Path used by the update process moved to \ProgramData\Emsisoft\updates.
    • Improved: Minor GUI improvements.
    • Fixed: Occasional crash while restoring/deleting from Quarantine.
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    Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2017.4.0.7437 released. This release includes fixes, enhancements and stability improvements.
    -Improved: Program window position when running on a computer with multiple monitors.
    -Improved: Minor UI improvements.
    -Fixed: Occasional program freeze.
    http://changeblog.emsisoft.com/2 ... it-2017-4-released/
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    Create your own Emergency Kit with 2018.3.1

    Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a free malware scanner that allows you to scan and clean infected machines. It’s fully portable, which means it doesn’t require installation and can be run directly from portable devices such as USB drives.

    It uses the same scanner technology as Emsisoft Anti-Malware, so we thought: Why not make a feature to build your own Emergency Kit on the fly directly from within the main product, using the already available components?

    You can find the brand new Emergency Kit Maker in the “Scan” menu in Emsisoft Anti-Malware.


    The Emsisoft Emergency Kit Maker is very simple to use:

    • Select the target platform (x86 or x64 Windows).
    • Specify a portable device to save the files to.
    • Hit the “Create Emergency Kit” button.

    Then you can use your kit to scan and clean computers of malware infections without having to download the entire package from our website. Your newly created kit includes the latest detection updates.

    More on Emsisoft Emergency Kit below

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