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    :news: :news: :news:

    Hi everyone,

    Ever wanted to find just the right emoticon, but couldn't? Well, I've been there. But now, you probably won't have to look any more. I've just recently discovered a wealth of emoticons. Over 2,000...in fact. :D

    Feel free to do whatever you'd like with these. :D

    Some Information You Need To Know:

    1. The repository is deposited on my MEGA Account, but you do not need to create or login to your MEGA Account, if you have one. All you have to do is simply mouse-click on this link to download the .ZIP File:

    2. The .ZIP file is about 9.6MB in size, so it shouldn't take long to download. It contains: 2,514 emoticon files (most are in .GIF or .PNG format).

    3. The files within the .ZIP file have been password-encrypted. Once you click on the .ZIP file to open it, simply mouse-click on one the files within this .ZIP, and when requested...type in the following Password: smileys4you <--The password is all lower-case. This password is the same for all files in the archive.

    4. And that's it!! Have fun with your new Emoticons.

    (DISCLAIMER: Whatever is contained in this archive did not originate from me, so any of these emoticons do not necessarily represent my personal views and/or opinions.)

    The originating web site of these Emoticons is as follows: http://smileys.on-my-web.com/.
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    Great share! bazooka.gif :thanx:
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  6. BC2Tweak

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    Great new emoticons!!

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    :thanx:Man!! :great:
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    Seems like the download link is working then. :cool: :D

    I'm constantly on the lookout for really free, no-strings-attached stuff. It's out there...you just have to find it!! Happy that everyone is enjoy the emoticons!!
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