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Discussion in 'Emsisoft' started by Raul90, May 18, 2013.

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    I am having an issue with EAM on the Emsisoft IS Pack that I just won here at Tweakbytes. 
    Well it's my first spin with EAM so I was dumbfounded as to why EAM is blocking Gmail and Google-analytics etc. I could not connect to it since yesterday. I already made a rule to "Dont Block" in EAM>Guard>Host Rules. Saw to it that I rebotted after the rule setting. But it did not help. See image attached. 

    This was going on since yesterday so I disabled Surf Protection in the meantime. 

    I tested Gmail in the next partition I had but it was okay. That partition had Avira/Outpost Pro firewall. No issues like that were observed. Booted again to the partition with Emsisoft IS Pack butthe issue seems to still remain. Thus I decide3d to disable Surf Protection. 

    Any ideas here..?Oh and also I wanted to ask if I can do a custom install for EAM. If ever I do not want the Surf Protection as I have Online Armor Premium(as part of the Emsisoft IS Pack) or any other component for that matter, can I remove them via a custom install? How can I do that? 


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    Hmm, strange problem. Never encountered this issue. Do you have Online Armor installed? If so add a rule to it as well.
    Also try excluding your browsers from scanning by putting it under EAM's exceptions.
    There is no custom install I suppose. But OA and EAM were made to work together without issues.
    We have a lot of EAM users and experts here so you will soon get a reply, dont worry.

    Edit:- Hey Raul, it would be great if you could use imgur or tinypic for uploading images. Cant view the full image at bild.me Thanks :)

    What do you observe when you switch of EAM and OA? Do the sites load up. Maybe a faulty update I guess.
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    In addition, I observed this and compared to the other partition with Avira and Outpost Pro firewall. I also cannot connect to Wilders on the partition with EAM/OA. See also images on Gmail. This with Surf Protection disabled. Wilders is placed in OA Premium>Domain>Trusted in partition with EAM/OA.

    From partition with Avira and Outpost Pro firewall

    From partition with EAM/OA

    From partition with EAM/OA_Gmail on Dragon portable

    From partition with EAM/OA_Gmail on Maxthon portable

    From partition with EAM/OA_Gmail on Google Chrome

    I will try imgur/tinypic(-- tinypic has it's captcha I think but I'll check it out)

    Exclude browsers in Guard>Application Rules..correct?

    Add new rule>Select Application --browser>Always allow this application...correct?

    Question: If I disable Surf Protection will the rules in the Host Rule matter..?

    I see an "import host file" at the left-bottom corner of the Host Rules tab. Is that the same as that of the MVPS host file or say, blocklist as that of OA Premium? If it is well it seems to be redundant because OA has it already.

    Turning off EAM loads all nicely except Wilders. :(

    I accidently discovered that when I delete all the Blocklist Pro contents I placed in the Firewall Blacklist, Wilders opens okay(that is with Surf Protection still disabled). Gmail displays the same in Dragon/Maxthon Portables. I use the blocklist for OA from http://blocklistpro.com/downloads.html (use the one for Outpost and manually input it to OA). 


    Thanks for the reply and will wait for further ;)
  5. Raul90

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    I have also an error that I noticed yesterday when I boot to the partition with EAM/OA from another partition.
    See image attached. I have already excluded BCDedit / iReboot in EAM and OA but the error still showed. (exclusions in EAM/OA are highligeted). Any ideas...?

    I was to use imgur.com for my images but when I click 'Upload Images>Computer' nothing happens. I had success with tinypic though. What's the issue there? I remember that I experienced that with Outpost Pro and I had to exclude it in WebGuard. With OA I excluded imgur.com but still nothing happens when I click 'Upload Images>Computer' the same --nothing happens.

  6. Bala

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    Okay after seeing the few screenshots, I am having a doubt that maybe OA and EAM's script protection is filtering off some scripts. That explains why imgur uploader is not showing up.
    EAM has a very strict script filter.
    Raul, do one thing next time for help, please use the attachment system of the forum. Or give us the direct link to the images. I am not able to zoom in on these images.
    Also it seems only certain browser's are getting affected. I would try removing OA and seeing if it solves much of the problem.
    Some other members and those who have reviewed the product do say, its great but when I did test it OA was buggy.
    @Use the forum's attachment system.
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  8. Bala

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    Thanks for posting Raul 90.

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