Download Bomb Trick Returns in Chrome —Also Affects Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Brave

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    The release of Google Chrome 67 has reopened a "download bomb" bug that was exploited by tech support scammers last winter, and which had been fixed with the release of Chrome 65 in March 2018.

    Furthermore, the issue also appears to affect other browsers as well, such as Firefox, Vilvadi, Opera, and Brave, according to tests carried out by Bleeping Computer.

    The "download bomb" trick is a technique that involves initiating hundreds or thousands of downloads to freeze a browser on a specific page.

    Across the years, there have been multiple variations of download bombs, and they have often been used by tech support scammers to trap users on shady sites that tried to lure victims into calling a tech support number to have their browser unlocked.

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