DeepArmor (AI Antimalware from SparkCognition)

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Have you tried DeepArmor?

  1. Yes, the product has been impressive

  2. Yes, the product needs much improvements to be called good

  3. No, it seems interesting

  4. No, AI/ML based protections are a no-no for now

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  1. Gabbs

    Gabbs Member

    Official page:

    Screenshot (257).png

    Features overview:
    > cognitive approach to malware prevention
    > leverages machine learning, natural language processing and AI algorithms to analyze files
    > provide signature-free security
    > indicates the threat confidence via a threat score percentage
    > saves some protection models offline (for offline detection)

    DeepArmor has trained on millions of malicious and benign files and provides industry-leading protection against a broad spectrum of threats. With millions of new malware variants showing up each month, DeepArmor provides signature-free peace of mind.
    Our machine learning approach provides the most advanced protection against zero-day and polymorphic threats.

    Besides the three available product lines as mentioned in the above poster, IoT protection is also a provision.

    The working of the Enterprise solution is illustrated:
    Screenshot (258).png


    There are a few limitations as to the attack vectors covered, however, most of the known ones are covered or under development.
    You can still apply at the link for a Beta drive of the Home version or a demo of the Enterprise; the home version said to be available for a limited time only.
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  3. Gabbs

    Gabbs Member

    I couldn't find a post related to DeepArmor, hence decided to share it here :)
    I've tested this product earlier and here are some screenshots. It also looks after the action sequence and thus may block a system app when deemed to perform unsafe activity:
    Screenshot (140)older.png Screenshot (26)older.png Screenshot (117)older.png

    Also, I found via their newsletter how it blocked Petya (enterprise):
    Petya-5-768x498.png DeepArmor.png
    From my experience, it has way to many FPS in case of safe apps that run on a low level for a single action or as a utility.
    It does help with assurance though on detection by multiple solutions!

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