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Should i add someting more or it's enough

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  1. daljeet

    daljeet Member

    Operating System:Windows 10
    OS Edition:pro
    OS Architecture:64-bit
    User Access Control:Always Notfiy
    Firewall:3rd Party Firewall
    OS Security Updates:Automatic Updates
    OS File Reputation:SmartScreen for Windows 10
    Type of User Account:Microsoft Account
    Recent Malware Attacks:No
    Testing AV's with Malware Samples:Inside a Virtual Machine
    Real-time Malware Protection:

    Avast premium with appcheck (Antiransomware)
    On-demand Scanners:Emsisoft Emergency Kit,Zemana Antimalware
    Security Product Settings:Custom
    Browsers and Extensions:Chrome
    Extensions:Https everywhere,Click&clean,,ublock,Truekey
    Preferred Search Engine:Google
    Password Manager:Truekey
    Content Blocker (Ads, Scripts, Trackers):ublock
    Frequently used System Utilities:

    windows cleaner
    Frequency of Data Backups:

    weekly Backups

    Sandbox: avast sandbox,shade sandbox
    Data Backup Software:

    Paragon backup & recovery
    Frequency of System Image Backups:

    Manual / On-demand Backups

    Haredened mode: Enable (aggresive)
    Heuristics: High
    Standard user account mostly i use and admin account when required

    I'm going to add heimdal security in my pc in few days
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  3. Trim

    Trim MTAC Moderator Staff Member

    Good config, all layers are secure.
    Thanks for posting that.
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