Corel VideoStudio X9.5 Ultimate Review

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    Hello Citizens of TbT,

    We are very pleased to present you with our newest Review!! :D

    We are very happy to have had the opportunity to Review the above-referenced software package!! :D

    Well....lettuce get to it!! :joy::joy:

    -- Software Reviewed: VideoStudio X9.5 Ultimate
    -- Software Developer: Corel
    -- Software Web Page:
    -- Support Page:
    -- Store/Purchase Page:
    -- Version Comparison Guide (PDF Download):
    -- User's Guide (Online PDF & Download):

    --** START OF REVIEW **--

    ** Here's what the Program looks like after it has completely loaded up.

    * We will henceforth use several shortcuts when different this Program. First, we will refer to what you see below, as the MPI (or, Main Program Interface). Second, we will call: Corel VideoStudio X9.5 Ultimate, the Program, instead of typing out the full name, as it is a handful to type. Third and lastly, we may make up shortcuts as we go, but we will explain the shortcut so that you are not lost or confused.

    **** MENU SYSTEM ****
    ** Now, we are going to take a close look at the "Menu System". As you can see, there are "Five Different Menu Items".
    * Here's all of the "Content" of the "File Menu". Corel_VideoStudioX9_Screenshot4_FileMenu.jpg

    * Here's all of the "Content" of the "Edit Menu".

    * Here's all of the "Content" of the "Tools Menu".

    * Here's all of the "Content" of the "Settings Menu".
    View attachment 9331

    * Here's all of the "Content" of the "Help Menu".

    **** OTHER PARTS OF THE MPI ****

    ** Here are the "Four Icons" that are located at the "Top" of the MPI, on the "Right Side". Corel_VideoStudioX9_Screenshot9_TopRightSideMPIOptions.jpg


    ** We have "Three Workspace Areas" within the MPI. Let's see what they are, as shown below.


    * Here's "Workspace Area 1".

    - Now let's take a look at each individual "Sub-Area" within this "Workspace Area".
    -- Here's the "Media Player", which is on the Left Side of this "Workspace Area".
    -- Here are the "Different Capture Sources" that are available to us.
    --- Here's "Capture Source #1".
    --- Here's "Capture Source #2".
    --- Here's "Capture Source #3".

    --- Here's Capture Source #4".

    --- Here's "Capture Source #5".

    * Here's "Workspace Area 2".

    - Now if you will notice, on the screenshot above, that immediately following the "Media Player Area", you will see a "Panel" of "Icons". This "Panel" contains all of the "Tools" that are available to us. We are going to call this the: "Edit Workspace Area Vertical Toolbar". We will be examining each "Panel" in detail.

    -- "Icon #1: Media Library Tool".
    -- "Icon #2: Instant Project Library Panel".

    -- Icon #3: Transition Library Panel".
    -- "Icon #4: Title Library Panel".

    -- "Icon #5: Graphic Library Panel".

    -- "Icon #6: Filter Library Panel".

    -- "Icon #7: Path Library Panel".

    * Here's "Workspace Area 3".

    - There are "Five Different Ways" to produce your "Final Project Output".

    -- "Output Method #1: Create a video that you can play on a computer".
    -- "Output Method #2: Create a file that you can save to a portable device or video camera".

    -- "Output Method #3: "Save video and share online".
    -- "Output Method #4: "Save project to disc".

    -- "Output Method #5: "Create a 3D video".


    * Now we are going to conclude this "Review" by examining the "Final Part" of the MPI. An that part is the: "Timeline Area", which is found at the Bottom of the MPI.


    ^^ Our Final Words ^^

    Ladies and Gentleman,

    We have been very pleased to have had the opportunity to "Review" this great software package. We have provided a more "Technical-Type" of Review here, in other words, we did not actually show the processes in action, but looked at the "Nuts & Bolts" of the Program, instead.

    We have indeed liked what we have seen. This software package is very User-Friendly, and easy to learn. The Online Help is also exceptional.

    We have not needed to contact Corel Support, so we cannot at this time, write our opinion of Corel's Support. However, this will be added, if we ever need to contact Support.

    We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product for anyone to use: from beginner to expert.

    And that is all!! :D

    This Review (C) Copyight BC2Tweak (aka Brent Carey). All rights reserved.

    This Review may not be copied, pasted, edited, or in any way modified without prior written consent of the Author. This Review protected by US and International Copyright Regulations.

    --** END OF REVIEW **--
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  4. BC2Tweak

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  5. jasonX

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    Seems a very nice tinker there with all the rich features! Do Corel offer free effects download or add-ins or is it a membership basis like DirectorZone?
  6. RGiskardR

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    :congrats::great: review!! I should give a try to this application!!
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  7. BC2Tweak

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    It's different than the way CyberLink does it. They offer downloads via an in-program download Dialog Pop-Up Box. I'll check and see if you need to setup a Corel Account or not, to be able to download. As I don't want to give you the wrong answer.

    And here's what I discovered:

    When you mouse-click on this Icon (it's found in several spots): upload_2017-1-20_9-47-24.png , then it will open the following Dialog Pop-Up Box:
    I trust that this has answered your question. :D

    And oh yeah....thanks for bringing this point up, as I did not mention a lot about the downloading of "Content" in the Review above. I trust this will answer other people's question that might arise about this. :D
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    Thanks!! :)

    You won't be disappointed!! :D
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    Great review as always @BC2Tweak and thanks for your good work!! :)
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    YEAH! You nailed it buddy! Quite different with DirectorZone but theirs also gets the job done!

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    You're welcome-0005a.gif !!
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    Very Great Review !!!! Thanks :shake:
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  13. BC2Tweak

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    You're welcome!! :D
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    he's done it again!!!!

    BRILLIANT WORK :shake:

    BC2Tweak is am absolute master at Software Reviews..

    :great: stuff and a pleasure to :read:

    thank you
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    Gee...thanks!! :D

    It is nice to know that what you are doing is helpful!! :D
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