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  1. eufrasiox

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    Operating System: Windows 10 pro
    Architecture: 64bit
    UAC: Maximum
    Real time protection: kaspersky IS 2017
    On-demand scanner: malwarebytes free
    Backup Solution: acronis 2015
    Default browser: google chrome
    Browser extensions: adguard
    Other softwares: revo uninstaller pro
    Media player softwares: vlc
    Burning software: ashampoo 2016
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  4. eufrasiox

    eufrasiox Member

    thank you for your advices
    Sometimes i also use zemana
    Ccleaner use it for a long time
    But microsoft recommends not using registry cleaners
    (It's a topic for discussion)
    So in my win 10 I do not use it
    I clean temporary files, uninstall and remove startup programs
    With windows tools.
    I've had some bad experiences with some optimizers
    So I no longer use them.
  5. revC0de

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    Thanks for sharing and good security setup :)
    Microsoft does not approve registry cleaners because many parts of the registry are undocumented so cleaner algorithms are not always safe.
    CCleaner cleans up the registry in lightweight way without causing problems, in my experience, but this still does not bring advantages in terms of speed and stability simply because Windows ignores the invalid registry keys.
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