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    Dear TbT Members,

    We are making some changes to the "Software Reviews & Tests Forums"!!

    This Forum is a bit of mess and needs to be cleaned up. Also, we are updating the Guidelines to reflect these Changes. These Changes, are as follows:

    * Two New Sub-Forums:
    -- " 'Personal' Software Reviews".
    -- "Software Reviews Chit Chat"

    * All posts in this Forum will now have to be approved (moderated), before the post is allowed. This is to ensure that all posts follow the Established Guidelines. If the post does not meet the Guidelines for being placed in the Main Forum, one of several things will happen:
    -- If it is a "Video Test & Review", it will placed in that Sub-Forum.
    -- If it is a "Personal Software Review/Opinion", it will be placed in this Sub-Forum: " 'Personal' Software Reviews".
    -- If it just chit-chat about a software program, then it will be placed in this Sub-Forum: "Software Reviews Chit Chat".
    -- If does not meet any of the Established Guidelines and any other Conditions, then it will be deleted, with a notice being given to the poster.
    --- We'd be very grateful if you would place the post in the appropriate Forum yourself, then it will save us all the hassle of correcting stuff.

    * All of the "Software Reviews and Tests" Forums and Sub-Forums will be carefully watched, and adjustments will be made when necessary.

    * On one other note: Repeated violations of the "Software Reviews & Tests" Guidelines, may cause further severe consequences to be applied to you. We do not want to have to do this, but without Rules/Guidelines, there would be complete chaos. Also, please bear in mind that you are not in your own house, when you are here on TbT, so therefore you may not do whatever you want.

    * REMEMBER: We are trying to attract Software Developers here, so we want this Forum to be very neat and professional-looking. This is nothing personal against any TbT Member. These Changes are for the good of us all. Change is not necessarily easy, but it can be done. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated, in helping to make TbT, the best it can be (Yes, US Army, I borrowed your line, and paraphrased it).

    * Any questions, concerns, feedback--may be sent to me, or to one of the Admins, by PM Only. Please do not post these publicly. Thanks all, for helping to make this the best place on the Internet!!

    Yours Very Sincerely,

    (Software Reviews & Tests Moderator)
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  3. jasonX

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    -- Amen to that :) Yes boys we are indeed trying to attract software developers here that's why when we do reviews we always see to it that it is not the same/common old reviews you see out there. Most of the devs really require a review of their product as an addition to sponsorship. We accommodate to the best we can.

    Would appreciate it also if you could help out doing reviews as sometimes it's really a handful. Well to BC2Tweak it may be just a little handful as he is "the dude" (may be hiding an extra pair like a Swiss-Army knife ha ha). If you fancy helping out in the reviews just send us a PM and the dude (or if it is related to a software giveaway me/guardian) will guide you ;)

    Cheers boys :) Let's make the Reviews Section a different and better place for reviews :)

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