BurnAware Free vs Nero

Discussion in 'Free software v/s Paid software' started by Bala, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    What do you guys think about Burnaware free CD burning software v.s Nero.

    I use Burnware. Nero is bloatware nowadays.

    What do you guys use as a cd-burning software?
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  3. MrHacker

    MrHacker Initiat3 Silver Member

    I like ImgBurner Or Windows Burner
  4. artoor

    artoor Moderator Staff Member

    I only use ImgBurn. I used to like Nero in the past, but it swell up a lot... and now I wonder why it doesn't make caffee or breakfast ;) The truth is that I only burn some files, sometimes music, rarely video and I think that ImgBurd does it well, don't need more than 1GB trash made by Nero, do I? That is my opinion :)
  5. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Yes Nero, Roxio and Cyberlink all three are bloats.
  6. guardian

    guardian Administrator Staff Member

    Kaspersky :D
  7. akiratoriyama

    akiratoriyama Moderator

    I don't burn much
    Can anyone recommend me one ???
    Used to use CDBurnerXP on MS XP
  8. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member

    Never had used BurnAware...Nero I have used around 2007 but quit using it because of the bloat(as everyone else). Nowadays I use Imageburn / CDBurnerXP. Hmmm...Is there a new CDBurnerXP version that does not have open candy? I am using CDBurnerXP v4.4.1.3243.
  9. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    JasonX yes there is a version of Cd-burner XP without open candy.
    I am writing a guide how to bypass open candy.

    I completely forgot cd-burner xp pro. Its a very great and nifty utility.
  10. arsenaloyal

    arsenaloyal Junior Member Silver Member

    i am using burnaware pro and ashampoo 2009
  11. guardian

    guardian Administrator Staff Member

    I don't use discs and haven't for a few years
    its all drag and drop onto USB and simply plug into my PC, Tablet and Car Stereo system and play, when your tired of that playlist it's so simple to delete find new and drag and drop again.

    AND the biggest bonus is [size=+3]not as much waste adding to the landfill !![/size]

    Edit: almost forgot the other beauty No BURNING SOFTWARE required :D
  12. akiratoriyama

    akiratoriyama Moderator

    I use burning softwares to just burn linux distros
  13. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Lol akira. With windows 8 you have iso mounting and direct burning facility.
  14. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    The Nero Kwik Media or Start Smart Essentials seems to be a better chocie for die-hard nero fans. 

    Nero Start Smart Essentials:-http://www.softpedia.com/get/CD-DVD-Tools/Data-CD-DVD-Burning/Nero-Free.shtml
  15. Umbra Polaris

    Umbra Polaris Board Enthusiast Silver Member

    For me CDburnerXP portable
  16. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Good choice man. Even I use CD burner and Burnaware.
  17. Overkill

    Overkill Senior Member Known Member

    I used to be a hardcore Nero user before I tried Burnaware, but now all I use are imgburn and burnaware free
  18. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Yes Nero is become bloat. Nero, Roxio and Cyberlink. The only these sell is through the free DVD's of these software we get when we buy a DVD drive.
  19. grr

    grr Board Enthusiast Silver Member Known Member

    I use ImgBurn & Burnaware paid (from giveaway)
  20. matroska

    matroska Member Known Member

    I usually just burn iso files, so this app is enough for me : BurnCDCC™
  21. tarekma7

    tarekma7 Junior Member

    I am using BurnAware pro for CD/VD burning. I think the free version is enough for most users and include most required featueres
  22. dinosaur07

    dinosaur07 Senior Member

    Nero Burning ROM for my audio cds to listen to my music while driving. Perfect. :p

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