Botnet's Huawei Router Exploit Code Now Public

Discussion in '0-day Release' started by silversurfer, Jan 2, 2018.

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    Exploit code used by the Satori botnet to compromise Huawei routers via a zero-day vulnerability became public last week, researchers have discovered.

    The exploit has been used in attacks involving the Mirai variant Satori to target Huawei vulnerability CVE-2017–17215, which was unpatched at the time the first assaults started. The vulnerability was found in Huawei HG532 devices in November. Shortly after, Huawei published an advisory on how users can circumvent or prevent the exploit.

    Discovered on Pastebin this Christmas, the code could fuel a spike in attempts to exploit the vulnerability. In fact, it has been already used by the destructive BrickerBot malware to target Internet of Things (IoT) devices, NewSky Security says.

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