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Discussion in 'Reviews and Tests' started by BC2Tweak, Jul 1, 2016.

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    Dear TbT Members,

    As the Reviews/Test Forums, are becoming more active.....yay! for that!! :)

    We need to set some Guidelines for posting in these Forums. It is highly possibly and very likely that software devs will be looking in here, as we must be very professional about what we post, in other words, do not post junk in here. Period. :)

    No exceptions will be made to these Guidelines. Either you follow them or you do not post in here. :)

    1. Do not copy and paste from any other source. If you need information from a software developer's website on a review that you are doing, it is acceptable to make screenshots from that website, because sometimes you need to. Do not get excessive with the screenshots, however, because that does not look good.

    2. Use screenshots from the program that you are reviewing. It is very helpful, for others, to see what you are talking about. Get creative with the screenshots. Highlight important areas you are talking about, including: buttons/links that need to be mouse-clicked; the specific function/feature you are referring to; important information about the function/feature you are talking about; et cetera. Just remember to not go overboard with the highlights, because you do not want the screenshot to be to busy and look cruddy.

    3. Write the review yourself. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANYONE ELSE'S WORK (INCLUDING YOUR OWN WORK ON ANOTHER WEBSITE), INCLUDING THE SOFTWARE DEVELOPER'S (See Guideline #1). This essentially is plagiarism and could be a Copyright Violation (it is in the USA, where I am located), and will get your review deleted. Copyright violation and plagiarism WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This allows you to put your own personal touch into the Review, and people will notice that, including the software dev's.

    4. Make sure to cover every function/feature of the software that you are reviewing. Incomplete Reviews are of no help to anyone. You review may be long, but it will be extremely helpful and will look great, in the long run.

    5. Do not forget to include website links, in your Review. These should be: a link to the software developer's website, and a link to the software's download page. You can include other website links that would be useful and helpful, such as: a link to the FAQ Page; a link to the Support Page; a link to the Contact Page; a link to the Store/Purchase Page; et cetera.

    6. Do not duplicate a Review that someone else has already done. They have put a great deal of time and effort into the Review. Make sure that you search all the Forums, before you post your Review. In this case, duplication is not flattering, but rather most unprofessional.

    7. DO NOT EVER POST ANY REVIEW THAT IS HERE ON TbT TO ANY OTHER WEBSITE, INCLUDING THE ONES YOU WRITE. You may link to these Reviews, as that is encouraged. These Reviews are specifically done for TbT, and plus that is also unprofessional and really constitutes a form of theft (obviously, the ones you write are not stolen). There are too many thieves in the world already, and we do not need another one.

    8. All posts in this Section will now have to reviewed and approved, by TbT Staff, before being allowed to be viewed publicly, and all posts will be subject to one or more of the following additional conditions, including all of the previous seven guidelines:
    (a) If you post does not meet all of these posted Conditions, then it will be subject to DELETION or being MOVED to the appropriate Forum. You will only be notified ONCE about the proposed action.
    (a1) If your post is DELETED, then you will be asked to either not post in this Forum, or to make sure that all of your posts meet all of this Forum's Guidelines. The action that will be taken will be in response to your reaction. We do not want to be mean, but we want to make sure everyone follows the Guidelines, so that this Forum will be very neat and professional looking.
    (a2) If your post is MOVED, it will be MOVED to the appropriate Forum or Sub-Forum. You will then be asked to make sure that all of your posts meet all of this Forum's Guidelines. The action that will be taken will be in response to your reaction. We do not want to be mean, but we want to make sure everyone follows the Guidelines, so that this Forum will be very neat and professional looking.
    (b) The two new Sub-Forums that we have made available to you in this Forum are the:
    (1) " 'Personal' Software Reviews".
    (2) "Software Reviews Chit Chat".
    (c) TweakBytes takes plagiarism and copyright infringement VERY SERIOUSLY. Any Posts that fall into these categories will be deleted. You will be WARNED ONLY ONCE. Further action(s) against may be taken, including possibly banning from the TbT Forums.
    (d) We simply ask that you please put your post in the appropriate Forum or Sub-Forum, so that we do not have to take a negative action against it. For example: any type of "Video Test and/or Review"--must be placed in the "Video Reviews/Tests Sub-Forum". Another example: any type of Review/Test that is not detailed and is very short, will be considered a "Personal Review/Test"--and this must be placed in that Sub-Forum (" 'Personal' Software Reviews"). Last example: any type of general conversation about software reviews and tests--must be placed in that Sub-Forum ("Software Reviews Chit Chat").
    (e) The Main Forum must be kept clean and professional looking, and will be used for Reviews/Tests for upcoming software giveaways/promotions that are made available, here on TbT; or have been requested to be done by a software developer. That is why these Guidelines have been developed and established.

    9. Repeated violations of the "Software Reviews & Tests" Guidelines, may cause further severe consequences to be applied to you. We do not want to have to do this, but without Rules/Guidelines, there would be complete chaos. Also, please bear in mind that you are not in your own house, when you are here on TbT, so therefore you may not do whatever you want.

    * Any questions, concerns, feedback--may be sent to me, or to one of the Admins, by PM Only. Please do not post these publicly. Thanks all, for helping to make this the best place on the Internet!! :D

    REMEMBER: It is not hard to make your Review look professional. It takes just a little time and some virtual elbow grease. These are some Guidelines that I personally follow, so I'm not asking you to do anything that I wouldn't do. Also remember, that we want to uphold the reputation and integrity of TbT, so it is highly advised and required that you follow these Guidelines, so as to keep the name of TbT, in a good light. Thank you!!

    These Guidelines are subject to change, as they may need to be adjusted and/or added to.
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