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Discussion in 'Security software releases' started by Petrovic, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Petrovic

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    Avira provides comprehensive protection with important security and configuration functions and protects you against viruses, worms, Trojans, ad/spyware, dialers, bots and dangerous ''drive-by'' downloads. Avira's advantages include low system resource usage, user-friendly central configuration, scanner (On-Demand Scan) with profile-controlled and configurable search for all known types of malware, guard (On-Access Scan) for continuous monitoring of all file access attempts, MailGuard (POP3- and SMTP-Scanner) for the permanent checking of emails for viruses and malware, exclusive download server for faster updates, user-defined update intervals, Phishing and Rootkit Protection and an integrated failsafe security system.

    Homepage: http://www.avira.com
    Download En-US (Free | Pro | Suite): http://install.avira-update.com/package/antivirus/win/en-us/avira_antivirus_en-us.exe
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  3. Petrovic

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    Avira (Update 18)
    • Fixed a problem that Launcher showed the system to be protected even if realtime protection was disabled
    • Suspicious/modfied system files are not automatically moved to quarantine
    Changelog /
    • Guard action in case of an detection changed to "Move to quarantine"
    • Improved system boot time when AV is installed even more
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  4. jasonX

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    Thanks for the update there :)
    Have been waiting on the devs to spare us her some licenses but I am still waiting...and waiting.. :) Anyway, I will wait ;)
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  5. grr

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    I got update today, a day later.
    Will be great to have some licenses from them.
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  6. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Ya we would definitely try for licenses from them Grr bro. Hey whats up grr and how is it going?
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  7. grr

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    Going fine bro. Long time no see..
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  8. grr

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    Just got another update today, and it added few options to AV Pro- Phantom VPN, Devices, Browser Safety, System Speedup, Safesearch Plus and Scout Browser. All these aren't installed by default though.
    The new Interface/UI is called Avira Launcher
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  9. Petrovic

    Petrovic Forum Addict Silver Member

    Avira (Update 20)

    New fixes and changes in build /

    • Switched HTTPS communication from WinHTTP to OpenSSL
    • New on demand scanner - ability to scan network shares via shell extension
    • If a user has set the setting “System Scanner -> Scan -> Action on detection -> Automatic -> Primary action -> delete” we won't trigger the repair
    • Several bug fixes

    Avira Professional Security
    Avira Internet Security
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  10. Petrovic

    Petrovic Forum Addict Silver Member

    • Fixed some of the reported false positives in the ransomware protection feature
    • Added better backend reporting for false positives so we can fix them without the need of an bug report by you.
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  11. Petrovic

    Petrovic Forum Addict Silver Member

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  12. Petrovic

    Petrovic Forum Addict Silver Member

    Avira Scout 16.10 Beta
    Avira Scout is fast and secure Chromium-based browser, which provides a wide array of options that protect your system, and gives you a more secure environment for browsing the Internet.

    These are the latest changes:
    ° Scout now uses the latest version of Chromium 54.0.2840.71 (see https://googlechromereleases.blogspot.de/2016/10/stable-channel-update-for-desktop_20.html )
    ° Bugfixes

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  13. Trim

    Trim MTAC Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the share @Petrovic great improvements we have there, especially false positives fixes for sensitive content detector.
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  14. Petrovic

    Petrovic Forum Addict Silver Member

    Avira Browser Safety 2.0.0 Beta
    Version 2.0.0 comes with major redesign of the user interface. The security status has been moved from the top center of the page into the extension icon, this will remove the potential to interfere with similarly placed functionalities of websites. The extension icon will now show you how many trackers have been detected on the page or if the website is unsafe.

    Clicking the extension icon will now give you access to the information about the security and tracker status of the page. In the top right of the extension popup you can find the settings, give feedback or find help.

    Chrome Extension (Google Crome Web Store)

    Firefox Extension
  15. Trim

    Trim MTAC Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the share of these new great updates and improvements.
  16. Petrovic

    Petrovic Forum Addict Silver Member

  17. Petrovic

    Petrovic Forum Addict Silver Member

    Avira Browser Safety 2.2 Beta
    Whats new in this version:
    ° Added ad annotations for Google, Bing and Yahoo searches
    ° Added detection for "Spoofed Address Bar" phishing attacks
    ° Reduced "Sensitive Content over HTTP_" false positives
    ° Updated landing page for milestone messages
    ° Fixed Offers Bug where product variants didn't update

    Extension for Google Chrome from the Chrome Web store:

    Mozilla Firefox
  18. Petrovic

    Petrovic Forum Addict Silver Member

    Changes in

    • Rework the GUI flow of update in case predictable reboots
    • New Scanner (shell extension scanner) writes specific warnings from AIRS, Engine and LocalDecider into the scanner log file (separate log files for each scan session).
    • New Scanner users can scan their EFS-encrypted files

    • Fixed AVIRA IPC Server Multiple Out-of-bounds Write Vulnerabilities.
    • Improved process protection for scanui.exe. (It was possible to kill scanui.exe with Process Protection option active).
    • Several New Scanner (shell extension scanner) fixes.
    • Fixed unresponsive system due to avguard re-initialization
    • Fixed possible hanging / frozen system on Win10_Redstone1 if Antivirus is installed
    • Fixed Guard crash on Windows10 RS2
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  19. Petrovic

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  20. Petrovic

    Petrovic Forum Addict Silver Member

    Avira Antivirus 2017 Free & Pro EN
    http://install.avira-update.com/ ... antivirus_en-us.exe

    Avira Antivirus for Windows, version has been released on October 2nd, 2017.
    This update requires no reboot!

    [​IMG] Improvements

    • Added possibility to new user interface to open the License-manager.
    • Updated new user interface elements.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed font issues in Japanese language.
    • Fixed date display issues in Activity view.
    • Fixed updating status correctly in Windows Defender Security Center (in Redstone 3).


    https://www.avira.com/en/support ... se-detail/kbid/1699
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