Asus Fonepad 7 2013 and 2014 get Android L update.

Discussion in 'Blog Articles' started by Bala, May 14, 2015.

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    Yup guys you heard it right. Asus has pushed the Android L update to Fonepad 7 last night. I cannot confirm the download size since it got downloaded automatically overnight and I just saw a box telling me to install the update.
    Please note that it is Android L 5.0
    Screenshots and benchmarking will follow soon. Currently the update is getting installed.

    Okay here is the firmware download link:-

    The details of it are posted below:-
    The update is about 740MB. Please download only the corresponding locale. Download the Global ie WW version for India and not the CN or TW version.

    Steps to update:-
    Please note you have to be on 4.4.2 firmware for the upgrade notification to come. Once you see the notification, allow it to download.
    After that select Install now. Your device will reboot and will take a good half hour for it to get completed. My Tab has just completed its install and is rebooting.
    Note your boot-screen will change as well.
    Asus is doing a fantastic job with updates and its releases. This will make users more confident for purchasing their devices.
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