Apple beats 1 radio to launch on June 30

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    At the World Wide Developer conference Apple had announced its plans to foray into the music industry with the revolutionary Apple Music service.
    Apple Music was to offer music streaming, curated playlists and much more and nominal costs to the user. Along with that Apple had also announced its plans to introduce a radio service.
    This 24 hour radio service is in collaboration with Beats Audio, thus aptly named beats 1. The Radio service will be available all throughout the globe for users to listen to, and will have 24 hours music.
    Apple users have reported a new Radio tab in iOS 9.1 beta version. Currently the beats 1 radio plays an endless looping stating its date of launch as 30 June, 9AM Pacific Time. This is the same day Apple music services will also be launched alongside. RJs will be hosted at London, New York and LA.
    Currently this tab is available to users in US,UK,Canada and Germany. Apple plans to soon make it available to over a 100 nations thus covering almost the entire globe in the process. This radio service may or may nor offer competition to existing free services and platforms.
    For ex. the NRJ radio service, owned by the French company NRJ has a tremendous user base in Canada and Francophone nations and also serves very good English music. Also from the point of view of India, Internet Radio is not highly prevalent as is the normal Radio services.
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    It is good for all countries
    Not a few countries

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