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    Just a couple of days back Google announced Android M and its interesting features at the Google I/O. There are some other cool features which Google did not announce which we will be also discussing.

    So we will go in brief over all these new announcements.

    1. App permissions:- After such a long time users are going to get fine grained app permissions and controls. This means you can also assign one time permissions or perpetually grant the permission. Lets take an example. To activate Whatsapp, you are sent an SMS with a code which whatsApp auto-detects to activate. Now for this purposes it needs permissions to read your SMS, which you already gave it while downloading from playstore. So although the use of this permission is made only once, whatsapp has perpetual access to your SMS logs. Now with Android M you can grant a one of permission for Whatsapp to access your SMS, after which it cant. Next time it wants to use you are again given the option to allow it or not. But keep in mind fidgeting with permissions may make your apps work unexpectedly. I also dont think permissions will be extended to Google Apps.


    2. Payment and Fingerprint:-Android M will have fingerprint API's so screens can be used to read fingerprints and authenticate users this way. So a stolen phone becomes useless. Since APIs are to be provided third party apps can use this anytime and anywhere and for anything. Payments system with fingerprint authentication will also be included by default.

    3. Battery Improvements:- There is going to be can improvement in the battery lives of the devices. Doze mode puts your phone into a low power state. Android M automatically senses when the phone has been kept on a surface and not been picked up for long, and enable Doze a low power state. As per Google this has led to phenomenal battery savings. This detects ie when your asleep you dont use your phone, so its okay if the phone takes a doze too.

    4. App links:- Weblinks within apps will be opened in Chrome tabs. But these will not move you to a separate app and UI. Instead it will be seamlessly opened within your current app and chrome will copy the material design of your app, to make it look and feel as if you were right in your app and have not moved to a different app at all. This seems a cool features as many a times we browse single pages on Whatsapp messages or Facebook messages.

    Now the cool aka kewl part. These features will make it to Android M but where not mentioned in the I/O.

    1. SD card can now be used as internal memory. Android M provides an option to set your SD card as your internal memory for the device. All photos, data etc will now reside on it if you choose. Even apps will be installed seamlessly on to it. This is damn big.


    2. You can rearrange icons in the notification bar. This is currently under developer settings. Its called System UI Tuner.

    3. Since ICS, Android has progressively moved to a lighter UI, with finally Android L completely doing away with the black and putting in bright colours. Many dont like it, but alas there is no option. Now Android M adds an option to switch the UI to a dark color. This only affects the System UI and not the apps. A full theme engine support would have been nice. Common guys the CM theme engine is open source. Copy, snip and paste.


    4. Apps will also be backed up to google server so seamless device migrations. Cool.

    So these were the features. Seems really cool. And one more thing, if anyone of you have a Nexus please install the developer preview and gives your feedback.
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    I hope the public release isn't as buggy as LP was (even after 5.1.1).
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    Thats true. Google has promised stability, that is why it seems they have not gone for large scale changes, but have indulged in small usability improvements.
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    I hope that's the case. Doze seems useful.

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