Amazing and beautiful places.

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  1. wwd

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    Thanks for You share :)
    Your photo is amazing :)

    My photo is taken with olympue E-520, ZD 300/f5.6 (ZD70-300/4-5.6), 1.5s.

    Because the system is quite weak, big noise at a larger ISO, with a long exposure time a blurred image, the lens also had problems with AF, I could not take a good photo.
    But I'm glad I could see the eclipse with my family :)
  2. Der.Reisende

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    I actually like the photo a lot, nothing to complain about!

    I've limited the ISO to 200, to get maximum sharpness, otherwise the Auto-ISO would have gone up to 6400 which is the max base ISO (possible is higher, but it will wash out the picture).
    That's the reason for the long exposure. I needed a tripod of course. Foreground has been illuminated by a torch.
    I haven't been using it for some time, I was surprised it was still ready to go (it uses Eneloops).

    Yes, AF is very difficult under such circumstances, mine was struggling, too.

    Great to hear you spent some good time :)

    Thanks for your kind words also, glad you like the shot :)
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  3. wwd

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    In your photo you can see the advantage of the camera, I used to think about changing the equipment but still other expenses...
    Once I managed to take a better photo (the previous camera E-510), on f22 / 6s:


    Sometimes I have the impression that when it comes to AF, the older camera was better.

    With this lighting up the foreground a great idea. I also use eneloop and I confirm - they are great, I have two sets that are 10 years old and still work.
    As for the photo, I did not try, because I did not plan a session, I set the tripod and saw that the peg is quite dark, so AF went astray, then I tried to take a picture at the MF and from 30 came out 3 :)

    But as you write - the most important thing is to spend time with family :)

    If you would like to see my other photos, here is my gallery:

    There are several pictures of his wife and colleague
    Of course, the pictures are processed, without it they would not be as they are :)
  4. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Malware Tester Silver Member

    This shot looks pretty impressive!
    As for the noise, it's more than acceptable!
    How did you do that?
    Attached to a telescope or does your cam (the lens) have such a fantastic range?

    How come the AF has become worse?

    Thanks, I wanted some forgeground interest, as the moon is quite small in the picture :)

    I bought the eneloops quite cheap on eBay (including the charger), there are hundreds of resellers.
    Mine aren't that old (maybe 3-4 years?).

    Yes, MF is quite difficult in such situations!
    The cam also couldn't tell if the motive is in focus - quite seldom.

    Nikon does offer plenty good old MF optics, with some luck, you can find them for very reasonable prices on eBay. And my cam (a D600, I bought quite some years ago, used), does support both focus assist and exposure measuring for MF optics.
    That's why I have built up a park over many years, all MF.

    Exactly, family and friends is everything!

    Will give your photos a look soon, thank you for sharing!

    Here are mine, I haven't been that active lately, because I've been lacking time...[email protected]/
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  5. wwd

    wwd Illustrator Silver Member

    The lens has the same Olympus ZD 70-300, the photo that is sharp (crop from the frame), was taken with the camera E-510, then changed to the E-520.
    Later, I was unable to repeat this photo. I do not know if this is due to the change of equipment or conditions, I am thinking here about the transparency of the air.

    Here is the original of this picture made E-510 + ZD 70-300:

    The next picture is already made E-520 + ZD 70-300 and you already see worse focus:

    These photos are taken yesterday:

    At the moment I have an Olympus E-520 camera and 3 lenses (ZD 14-54, ZD50-140, ZD70-300, FL50 lamp).
    I would like to change the equipment to another one but it is connected with the costs, secondly I do not know what I could buy.

    I am impressed with your gallery - very beautiful photos and super composed.
    I am glad that I can talk to someone for whom photography is also as important as for me.
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  6. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Malware Tester Silver Member

    Could be!
    However, your lucky shot simply looks fantastic!

    There's also a noticeable difference in contrast / colour?

    I love that moon shot! Very well done!
    Did you use a tripod (for sure you did)?

    Better stick to the system you have, and upgrade lenses first.
    I don't understand the people changing systems like their underwear.
    As if every new camera would be a miracle.
    No, it's the user, the lens and the post processing.
    You can have a old camera, but in the right hands, and with some post, it will beat every new camera, used by someone not used to it (how, if they keep changing)?

    I also keep looking for new cameras and new lenses, I cannot afford nor justify it.
    D600 isn't a bad camera at all. And the price difference to something that really would make a difference to most lenses I have is just to insane. Nikon built some good stuff back in the analogue years. If you can live with MF, you're good to go. Not everything is gold, but some actually shine.

    Thank you for taking your time, having a look at them :)
    And for your kind words! Makes me happy if people like the shots!
    Have also found the time to look at your photos, they're pretty nice!

    I like the landscape opener a lot, also all the other landscape stuff, must be some good places to wander and to take some great shots!

    Out of the animals, I like the bird one the most (the one which is blurred all around by bokeh, and sitting on some trunk, looking at you wary). IDK how that bird is called. The one with the blueish head and black sorrounding around the eyes. Kinda sparrow. However if it is one, I haven't seen a sparrow like that ;)
    The salamander shot is also very well done!

    Keep it up!

    Glad to talk to some other photographer as well :)
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  7. wwd

    wwd Illustrator Silver Member

    Thanks :)

    It's hard for me to compare, I took photos in RAW and called in the olympus master, now I do not even know what settings they were. It seems to me that this photo from the E-510 was made when the moon was dark - f22 / 6s - so that a long exposure time caused a better amount of detail.

    Yes, I used a tripod and a flashlight (the family is sleeping, I did not want to look for a flash to not wake them up :))

    Unfortunately, the E-520 Olympus is not without flaws, has a problem with AF, often can not catch sharpness - especially in a worse light.
    It has a small resolution, a small tonal range, you need to know how to take pictures as far as they go. It is also important to process, especially landscape photos (improvement of contrast, sky, etc.).
    I have a fairly clear lens 14-54 f2.8-3.5, I take pictures of landscapes and also macro - although it is not for that :).
    I have 50-140 f3.5-4.5 and 70-300 f4.0-5.6 - which are for nature photography. Unfortunately, it's dark lenses and you can take pictures of them in good weather,
    also hard for a good sharpness as you can see in my pictures. For this they are great for portraits, at 70-200 focal length they give a beautiful bokeh,
    what with the summer portraits, the greenery of nature gives great results :). I would like to buy an E-5 olympus one day, but it's hard to get it and it costs a lot.
    Although it's an old camera and I do not know if it still makes sense.

    Thank you for expressing my pictures. Just the landscape at the top of the page was made nokia e7, a few photos glued to the panorama with the program Panorama maker 6.
    There are several such photos taken during cycling trips. Because the Nokia e7 makes very poor photos, in addition, the purple zafarbie had to be heavily machined at Google NIK.
    In addition, I also add a nice blue sky in the program, which usually appears white in the pictures.

    I do not know what the bird is called, but I will throw it in the natural forum for identification and someone will help. I also threw a few other birds,
    I still have a lot of pictures but I still do not have time to segregate and bring the gallery to order. Look at these: - this is my best photo :)

    The photo of the salamander also caused me a lot of trouble because I had to support the flashlight, which made it impossible for me to adjust the white balance.
    Before I dealt with it, the salamander got bored with posing and escaped.

    I am also very happy, the more that you take great pictures, I like winter scenery, rainbow and beautiful sunsets - they are really the best.

    I hope I did not make a mistake - I translated the Google translator :)
  8. wwd

    wwd Illustrator Silver Member

    It's Lanius collurio.

  9. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Malware Tester Silver Member

    It has a pretty funny name in German :D

    "Neuntöter" - directly translates to "kills 9"
    And the family it belongs to "Würger" - strangler (or how it's actually translated - shrike) :D

    Does look so innocent :D
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  10. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Malware Tester Silver Member

    My pleasure :)

    My camera offers in-camera correction (like for saturation, sharpness,...).
    While the RAW remains untouched, the JPEG are ready to use OoC.

    But I like PP, you can still improve photos, if for example the weather did not play well when you took the shot, or you have something distracting in the shot.

    IDK, maybe read through some reviews and compare to later ones?
    It does not always need the newest camera!
    My cam has several successors yet, however, you can still get good prices for it used.

    As for lenses, have you tried Sigma or Tamron products?

    My father is very fond of the Art ones (primes).
    Cannot give recommendations on other.
    I do own the 90 Macro (I bought it used, it was quite cheap, because it has been replaced recently by a facelift).
    It's pretty sharp, has fantastic bokeh and it's perfect for portraiture.
    Probably not up to the AF-S Micro 105 by Nikon, but it's too expensive.

    I used to have the Tamron 70-200, without the VC, don't get it.
    The 28-75 2.8 is good.
    Not tried the 24-70 2.8 yet, it's expensive, and it has been replaced lately, by a more expensive one.

    I know that issue very good :D
    Also used to replace grey skies ;)

    A very good piece of software!
    I love their collection, I use it a lot!

    I bet the first one is a Starling? :)
    Don't know about the second one - a hawk?
    Third shot is really amazing! I like the action you caught in the shot!
    Very well done!
    It's hard to catch a moving bird!

    Oh my ;)
    However, you managed to take a great shot nevertheless!

    Also like autumn, so many nice colours to catch!

    Perfectly fine!
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  11. wwd

    wwd Illustrator Silver Member

    You can say that I got used to my camera and its limitations.
    Some drawbacks - like a small tonal range - with portraits or macro often become an advantage, because a dark background is great.
    I would like to buy 50 macro and 50-200 for the set, but it is quite a price, even when it comes to used lenses.
    What I have is not bad and enough for amateur needs. Sometimes I feel unsatisfied when I look at photos of others, but you can not have everything.
    Maybe someday I will find money for 5d mmk2 or D600 - it's really great cameras. But not now.

    Yes it's Starling.

    It's hawk (Accipiter nisus), with us there are quite a lot of them.

    Garrulus glandarius -
    this is one of those photos that is hard to repeat. Despite many attempts, it failed.
    C-AF in my apron is weak and the lens is even more difficult which makes the task much more difficult :)

    If I have only a little time I try to do something new, I added some photos and I still have a lot of them.
    I do not want to give everything at once.
    If you have a moment, I invite you to see the pictures.
    Best wishes and good photos :)
  12. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Malware Tester Silver Member

    Sure, you need to do the best you can out of what you have!
    Make yourself a great memory.
    The picture quality is one, but the expression is what counts most.
    I can have the best equipment, but who's helped with a photo he cannot capture, because he don't know how to use the Pro cam to get out the results he wants?

    IDK what manufacturer you're looking for?
    Sigma has a very good 50mm macro, my dad owns one.
    You could also try a manual one?
    However, there will be the issue with exposure measuring I guess. You'd need to do that manually?

    Keep in mind, if you plan doing serious macro photography, take something like 100mm and above (or use extension tubes).
    Insects have some flee distance.

    Your photos are great as they are!
    Of course there's always something better, but we still need something to work for, it will get boring if we have it all now.

    It's a fantastic shot!
    I like how he looks at you :)

    Yes, I often see them next to the street, looking for mice and other animals to eat in the fields.
    It's great you even know the latin names!

    I could not do it any better!
    My AF also sucks on motives like that.

    Good idea!
    Make your viewers want more!

    Sure, will pass by ASAP!
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  13. wwd

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    We have strayed a bit from the topic, it's time to put something :)



  14. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Malware Tester Silver Member

    That cave photo is totally stunning!
    Would love to take a shot like that, too!

    Don’t worry about our OT, was a good talk ;)
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  15. Trim

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    Awesome pictures guys, thanks for sharing them! :)
  16. wwd

    wwd Illustrator Silver Member

    Yes, it's amazing.
    That's right :) For now I have to let go shopping due to lack of funds (other expenses).
    I had an eye on the 50-200 ZD lens, but the price was too high.
    Maybe someday - you can not have everything :)

    Thanks :)
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  17. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Malware Tester Silver Member

    We all know that issue :/
    But some day you for sure will fulfill your dream!
    It's a great feeling then, and you'll keep that lens like your eyeball, for sure ;)

    Thanks God!
    Life would become boring without something to work for!
    There are still many lenses I want to discover, but might never (unless I rent one). Purchase is impossible, and why should I, not being a professional making money out of.
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  18. wwd

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  19. Der.Reisende

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    Very nice shot, well done!
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  20. wwd

    wwd Illustrator Silver Member

    Thank you :)
    Yesterday the moon was beautiful, unfortunately it first covered me with a high voltage line, then a tree, I could not take a nice photo.
    But it came out not badly :)
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  21. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Malware Tester Silver Member

    Yes, it's a very good shot indeed!
    I like how the bright moon is centered within the darkness!
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  22. wwd

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