Add file or folder exclusions to Windows Defender with Defender Injector

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    Defender Injector is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices by the prolific developer Sordum that makes it easier to add file or folder exclusions to Windows Defender.

    Windows Defender is the built-in security solution on Windows 10 which Microsoft improves regularly. To name a few features that Microsoft integrated into Windows Defender: Application Guard, Exploit protection, or Controlled Folder Access.

    Most features are Windows 10 exclusive and only some, like Advanced Threat Protection, are available or will be made available on previous versions of Windows.

    You may add files or folders to a whitelist to block Windows Defender from flagging files as malicious; this is useful, as you will run into false positives every now and then if you download and run software regularly.

    The process of adding exclusions is not comfortable. You have to open the Windows Defender Security Center in the Settings app, open Virus & Threat protection and then settings, and click on add or remove exclusions to start adding files, folders, file types or processes.

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