A very early look at the Cloud Clipboard experience in Windows 10

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    Microsoft released a new Insider Build of the upcoming Windows 10 version 1809 to the Insider Channel yesterday. The new build included several new and improved features such as Sets improvements, a dark theme for File Explorer, integration of search previews in the search functionality, and a new Clipboard experience.

    The Clipboard is as basic as it gets on Windows right now. You can copy text or images to it and paste the content again at a later point in time. The main limitations of the current Clipboard functionality is that you can store a single item only in the Clipboard.

    Windows users who needed better functionality could use any of the gazillion clipboard managers that third-party developers created for the operating system. We reviewed our fair share of them; to name a few: CopyQ, Clipboard Master, Clipboard Help+Spell, or Clipjump.

    Full reading: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/05/10/a-very-early-look-at-the-cloud-clipboard-experience-in-windows-10/
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    This is what I wait for the most :D

    Thank you for the share @RGiskardR!
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