A detailed look at about:profiles in Firefox

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    The Firefox web browser supported profiles for a very long time. Profiles are separate browsing profiles that run independent of each other. User generated content, bookmarks, installed add-ons, or the browsing history is kept separate from other profiles, and so are settings, custom about:config modifications, or any other change made to the browser.

    Firefox users and admins used the Profile Manager to create new user profiles and manage existing ones in the past (and still do as it still works fine).

    You can check out our Firefox command line options overview for details on running the Profile Manager; essentially, you have to add -p when you start Firefox to have it launch the profile manager, and need to add -no-remote to the command if you want to run multiple profiles at the same time.

    I run multiple Firefox profiles for work and for specific tasks as profiles offer a better way of separating data and customizing the browser to different requirements.

    Full reading: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/08/06/a-detailed-look-at-aboutprofiles-in-firefox/
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