9% of Popular Websites Use Anti-Adblock Scripts

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    Around 9% of today's most popular websites deployed or are deploying anti-adblock scripts in an effort to maintain advertising revenues and fight off the rise in the adoption of ad-blocking extensions.

    The percentage comes from a research project carried out by academics from the University of Iowa and University of California-Riverside that reviewed the use of anti-adblock scripts in the past five years.

    Researchers looked for two of the most popular anti-adblock solutions, namely Anti-Adblock Killer List and the Combined EasyList (Adblock Warning Removal List + Anti-Adblock sections in EasyList).

    These are scripts that are loaded on a website that try to detect if the user is employing an ad-blocking extension and allows sites to show a notification through which they ask the user to allow ads on the site by disabling the ad blocker or by whitelisting the site.

    Source: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/ne...of-popular-websites-use-anti-adblock-scripts/
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